About CIESF|公益財団法人CIESF(シーセフ)は、教育をはじめとして、カンボジアなどの発展途上国を支援しています。




CIESF was established in 2008, to encourage the development of Cambodia.
We believe improving the quality of education and the status of teachers in the Cambodian society can be the primary step to solve the problems in Cambodia.
We also believe encouraging Cambodian entrepreneurs to involve in diverse national and international projects can lead to better Cambodian economy.
Now (in 2016) our action area is not only Cambodia but also Myanmar and Vietnam.

2. Our Mission

2. Our Mission

  • ― Bringing up high level educators with great heart and passion.
  • ― Bringing up highly intellectual business people with altruistic heart and global vision.

We pursue our activities by thinking about the “essence” of education support.

3. Message from Founder & Chairperson

Founder & Chairperson
Hideo Okubo

3. Message from Founder & Chairperson

Could you imagine how the country Cambodia is like? You can see many luxury cars in the capital city Phnom Penh. Millions of foreigners come to visit Angkor Wat every year and there are many luxury hotels around there.

But, sad history has casted a dark shadow over Cambodia. Under the Pol Pot regime (1975-1979), entire education was abolished in Cambodia. 80% of intellectuals including teachers, doctors and priests were massacred. Therefore the country still has tons of issues in education to deal with. When I saw the current situation of educational system in Cambodia, a strong feeling that I should do something for this country popped up in my mind.

There are many volunteer organizations which help build schools in Cambodia. However no one supports improving the problems of low level education and lack of basic education. Therefore, I established CIESF with the concept that nobody can enrich his / her life nor a country can be developed without real education.

Japan has joined in developed countries after 70 years from the Second World War. For all Japanese, It’s quite normal to have education, but for children of developing countries including Cambodia are not. Our mission is to create a society which children are provided with good education and with lots of hope.

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