Activities of CIESF|公益財団法人CIESF(シーセフ)は、教育をはじめとして、カンボジアなどの発展途上国を支援しています。

Activities of CIESF

Activities of CIESF

1. “Teachers Without Borders” Education advisers

1. “Teachers Without Borders” Education advisers

CIESF sends experienced Japanese mathematics and science teachers to Provincial or Regional Teacher Training Center (PTTC / RTTC) in Phnom Penh city, Prey Veng province and Svay Rieng province as education advisers.

- Subject is limited to Mathematics and Science. (Universal subject)
- Education advisers guide local teachers at teacher training Centers about teaching methods, how to make and use experiment tools, how to use compass and protractor, and so on. They also create lesson plan for teaching students.

2. Establishment of Graduate School of Education

2. Establishment of Graduate School of Education

Education system has been established but the management ability of Cambodian government is still weak. This graduate school is a place for Cambodian government officials from the Ministry of Education who administer or manage education policies or curriculums to re-educate about management of higher education succeeded in Japan and other developed countries.

The graduate school is located in National Institute of Education in Phnom Penh, which started on October 2012. This is a fundamental solution support for education issues in Cambodia.

3. Entrepreneurship Program

3. Entrepreneurship Program

CIESF hold Business Model Contest in Cambodia and Myanmar as an annual event. In Myanmar, also hold IT Business Model Contest.

Our goal is that many young people in developing countries will start their own company in the future which will help promote employment in their countries and become driving force for the development of economy.

4. Industry human resource development

1) CIESF Business Training Center

〈 Cambodia 〉

1)CIESF Business Training Center

While Japanese companies’ investment in Cambodia is increasing, there is increased need for local employees who can play an active role.
We open CIESF Business Training Center (CBTC) in Phnom Penh on October 2011. CBTC is a school which about 250 students can study Japanese, Japanese culture and custom, business manner, selective IT or accounting courses.
(Tuition fee for daytime class is free of charge)

2) Support to Japanese Course in Svay Rieng University
2)Support to Japanese Course in Svay Rieng University

CIESF dispatch a Japanese teacher to Japanese Course class in Svay Rieng University. Also hold a business training workshop for the class by trainers from CBTC as Industry human resource development support for Svay Rieng region. The region has a Special Economic Zones in which many Japanese factories.

3) Vocational Training for Vocational College staff
3)Vocational Training for Vocational College staff

CIESF hold 1 week workshop and dispatch Japanese trainers for Vocational Training College in Cambodia once a year for skill up of Cambodian trainers.


〈 Vietnam 〉

While Japanese companies’ investment in Vietnam is still increasing, there is increased need for human resources to work for factories in Special Economic Zones. (= employment opportunities for rural youth). Need for a vocational training school which produces human resources who can work for Japanese companies. We support to Va Ria Vung Tau Vocational College in Vietnam.


〈 Myanmar 〉

CIESF opened IT training course in University of Information Technology (UIT) in Yangon on October 2015 for human resource development in the IT field.


CIESF established a ‘CIESF LEADERS ACADEMY’ in Cambodia which is continuous from pre-school to secondary education. We mainly focus on Japanese education from infancy stage such as language and culture, and in the future will encourage studying abroad at high school and university in Japan.

-Educating Japan based on ‘knowledge, morals, physical health’ from infancy stage, and taking root ‘Public Interest Capitalism’ in developing countries.
-Fostering human resources who will be the future Cambodian leader

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